Why Hisham Mirza

We are a highly preferred customs consultancy services company in Dubai. Our consulting work has made remarkable impact on our clients’ customs experience. We are certain that we can make a difference in yours as well.

Here are some of the advantages Hisham Mirza brings to the table:


We approach customs issues not merely on the basis of rules and regulations. Our expertise comes not only from textbook knowledge but from solid on-ground experience.

Hisham Mirza is fully knowledgeable both by legal education and experience. He himself was a member of several arbitration panels in Dubai Customs for many years. He used to decide on client’s cases on all issues concerning customs processes. And this is the advantage we give you. We know what happens on ground and how laws and regulations are interpreted, applied and implemented.

From our years of dealing with customs issues, we have identified areas of confusion, penalty pitfalls, and common causes of delays in the customs procedures. More importantly, we know what can be done to avoid such unnecessary hassles.


Time is gold in business. When it comes to customs procedures, delays in movements of your goods can cost thousands if not millions of dirhams.
Oftentimes, delays are caused by not being familiar with regulations or not keeping abreast with changes in customs procedures.

With Hisham Mirza, you will not have to grope in the dark concerning your customs requirements. Our expert knowledge of tariff classification, procedures, documentations, and all customs updates will help you skip some steps and expedite your transactions. With a more streamlined process, clearing through customs will be smoother and faster.


Saving money and cost reduction are key to business success. Hisham Mirza makes you achieve these on your customs-related expenses. We have made it our primary goal to cut down on your duty payments, fines and penalties, and avoid legal cases.

Clients who try to manage customs transactions on their own are often liable to overspend on their custom payments. Hisham Mirza can help you avoid unnecessary customs expenses due to ignorance of tariff classification, exemptions, prohibited and restricted list, and misdeclaration of goods which are the most common pitfalls of misguided clients.


With Hisham Mirza, clients not only get the desired results but also the pleasant experience of dealing with professionals who abide by ethical values.

  • INTEGRITY & TRANSPARENCY: We are building a legacy of integrity through honest and devoted service committed to the highest moral principles.
  • TEAMWORK: We can offer faster and stronger support through team synergy.
  • CREATIVITY: We provide creative solutions tailor made for your specific customs issues.
  • TRUST: We work hard to build your trust and consider it as our greatest reward.
  • QUALITY: We strive always for quality consulting backed by research, analysis and actual on ground reports
  • PROFESSIONALISM: We take pride in the high degree of professionalism with which we conduct our consulting — well-planned, thorough, insightful and hands-on.

We take great pride serving you

Hisham Mirza offers great services and custom activities encompass quite wide range of fields

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