Customs Duty and Exemption Consultancy

Knowledge of customs duty and exemption are key to proper customs planning. Many clients make the mistake of placing import orders before understanding the UAE’s customs tariff system and processes. Consequently, clients get surprised with unexpected cost of duty payments which can take a huge chunk of their profit if not completely resulting to financial loss.

Through our Customs Duty and Exemption Consultancy, we can provide advance information to clients so they can be equipped towards comprehensive duty planning and take advantage of duty reduction or exemption they might be qualified for. We carefully take clients through a check list that will help determine in advance how much customs duty reduction is possible on specific goods.

We see to it that the correct ‘customs value’ has been applied to your goods. In some cases, where there has been an overpayment, we are also very skilled at duty payment recovery.

Fully familiar with customs audit checklist, we know what to expect and therefore seek accuracy on goods valuation and classification, inventory and record keeping, points of origin, warehousing and others.

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