UAE Customs Duties Tariff Classification

Just like everywhere else, goods imported into the UAE follows a classification system that determines applicable customs regulations. Without advance knowledge of tariff classification, clients are virtually blind in paying customs duties. While some goods can even come in free, clients could end up paying more.

Hisham Mirza provides precise information and updates on tariff classification. This helps you avoid risks of non-compliance and accurately assess customs transaction costs.

There are several things that are determined through tariff classification: admissibility of goods, import restrictions or non-restriction, applicability of special tariff treatment, and applicable duty rate.

All inexperienced clients trading different types of goods face the challenge of properly interpreting the application of tariff classification. Oftentimes, clients inadvertently pay a high price for lack of advance knowledge.

Availing of Hisham Mirza’s Tariff Classification Service, you will know ahead of time which tariff rates apply to your goods. We will determine for you:

  • Applicability of favorable rates or special tariff programs for specific goods
  • Applicability of import restrictions or quotas
  • Applicability of antidumping duties
  • Applicability of preferential treatment for goods based on points of origin
  • Possibility of goods modification to secure lower duty rate under a different classification

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