Resolve UAE Customs Cases & Violations

Hisham Mirza Customs Consultant offers high-quality consulting services regarding several common customs cases and issues. If you find yourself dealing with the following customs issues, we guarantee that we will help you streamline the process and accelerate your customs transactions.

Resolve Customs Violations

Customs violations can lead to both criminal and civil penalties. We can provide you with the best guidance and assistance to help you avoid any potential fines or penalties. Whether you are facing false declarations, exporting violations or importing violations, we can help you quickly and effectively resolve the issue, while making sure that you remain compliant with UAE’s customs laws and regulations.

Resolve Customs Smuggling Issues

Smuggling is a serious customs violation so, before trying to import particular goods into a country, you should always check in advance which goods are permitted, and which are prohibited and restricted. The same goes for bringing people into a country before going through the right customs processes.

In order to prevent facing a crime of smuggling, get in touch with our team of expert professionals who can educate you on this customs violation and help you avoid not only huge fines but also a criminal penalty.

Resolve Trademark Infringement Issues

Given that trademark infringement is a violation of exclusive rights to a particular trademark, it can lead to serious penalties and even prison time. We boast years of experience in such issues and have expert knowledge to help you keep your trademark protected.

If you find out that someone has infringed on your trademark, we can help you resolve the issue and protect your intellectual property, making sure that no one uses it without your authorization.

Handling Customs Audit Issues

Properly preparing for a customs audit will help you stay compliant with legislative requirements and eliminate the risk of being legally prosecuted. We can help you prepare for a customs audit so that all the information and necessary documents you supply to the Dubai Customs Department is accurate and void of any errors.

When you’re audited, you must show that you’re compliant with UAE’s laws and regulations and prove the integrity of your business. We can help you prepare all the necessary records regarding all your company practices so that all your customs transactions always go smoothly.

The Action of Grievance on Decisions of Cases and Customs Violations

If you want to make an appeal on a particular decision issued by the Dubai Customs Department, we can help you submit the right request for your case and prepare all the necessary documents, such as customs declaration, certificate of origin, invoice bill and many others.

Whether you want to make an appeal on customs tariff and prohibited and restricted goods, an appeal on a decision related to the origin and economic agreements, or an appeal on a decision regarding a legal case, we can provide a helping hand. We can streamline and expedite the procedure of your action of grievance on a particular decision, and help you fulfill all your needs and interests.

If you need any of our services or you wish to know more about them, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your case and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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