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Low cost by 80% and saving about 23.5 million dirhams


Ahmed Mahbub Musabah said that the “Smart Recovery” initiative is in line with the UAE strategy for artificial intelligence, the first large project within the UAE 2071 percentage, which represents the new wave after the smart government, where the smart recovery system relies on artificial intelligence technology and virtual robot, Which was developed and developed by Dubai Customs, is an exceptional host of Expo 2020, for its pioneering role in enhancing the customs work system in the Emirate of Dubai and the State of Qatar and the development and facilitation of trade movement. Meh Recovery Intelligent Insurance on customs duties in a smart way based on modern techniques.

The innovative Smart Recovery Initiative has successfully reached the final stage of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart Government, which is based on public vote from 23 November to 7 December 2017.

The advanced system automates the verification of documents submitted for the application of customs refund service by adopting artificial intelligence technology by means of a virtual robot without any human intervention which aims to promote and sustain Dubai’s position as a major hub for international trade and to promote the leadership of Dubai World Customs by applying best practices and Modern technologies to improve customs services in a smart way to facilitate the movement of trade and raise the happiness of dealers and the readiness of Dubai Customs to receive the Expo 2020.

This initiative has contributed to reducing human errors in the process of data entry, as well as accelerating the completion of customs refund procedures by reducing the time of completion of service from 7-9 minutes to one minute only. The cost has also decreased by 80% and the provision of about 23.5 million dirhams. Increase their investments and stimulate trade in the emirate by providing liquidity and funds in corporate accounts faster, as the application of this smart initiative registered 99% of customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

“As part of our efforts to keep our leadership in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Which contributes to achieving the optimal balance between effective control measures on the one hand and trade facilitation on the other. This reflects positively on the increase and increase in the volume of trade. Dubai’s foreign trade recorded a growth jump of 13% to AED 344 billion during the third quarter of 2009. Year 2017 on an annualized basis, To AED 305 billion for the same period last year. Re-exports contributed a substantial 34% to AED 103 billion, reflecting the strong performance of the commercial sector in Dubai. The volume of goods for Dubai’s foreign trade grew by 5.1% To 23.4 million tons in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year. The export volume grew by 11.4% and the quantity of imports grew by 5.2%, indicating that the advanced system saves time and effort for the customers of the department and provides a process Restoring the guarantees and guarantees to customers quickly, accurately and transparently FH that the system supports attracting more new investments.

For its part, Ghoneim Ibrahim, Director of Customs Clearance Department at Dubai Customs said that the Smart Recovery Initiative has achieved a quantum leap in the number of customs transactions executed through it, which reached 702 thousand transactions during the period from January to September 2017, ie within only 9 months, Smart is a platform based on artificial intelligence to facilitate and simplify claim procedures and return of customs duties. The innovative system allows claims to be filed 24 hours a day, from anywhere, without any human intervention, and aims to develop and deliver innovative solutions for procedures and techniques. Its ability to support Dubai Customs to calculate insurance recoveries are intelligent and more accurate, and saves revenue, pointing out that the initiative has received growing interest from clients department, where Dubai Customs deals with about 207 thousand registered with the department company.

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