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«La Tribune»: Dubai contracts large numbers of entrepreners


Every year, Dubai receives large numbers of entrepreneurs who come to establish their businesses and new companies in the emirate to benefit from the many benefits it offers them, La Tribune reported. The weekly, which specializes in economic affairs, published a report on tips and information that entrepreneurs who want to move to Dubai and establish their businesses need to know.

The report, entitled “Stability in Dubai: Everything You Should Know”, addressed all legal aspects of residency in Dubai and the rules on issuing residence visas, following amendments made by Dubai last year. The report described the move to Dubai to create companies as a viable solution that ensures the benefit of a huge number of benefits, especially economic.

The report added that the most important of these advantages is the encouraging environment for success and prosperity, the environment that hosts the business and provides it with all the support it needs, as well as the various tax exemptions, which include exemption from payment of profit tax and dividend tax

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