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Is improving in 12 indicators on talent rankingThe fourth UAE in the world of labor market readiness


The fifth edition of the Global Talent Arrangement Report, published by the International Competitiveness Center of the International Institute for Administrative Development (IMD), concluded that the UAE is one of the world’s most willing to meet the demands of the labor market.

Where it ranked fourth globally in the readiness index. The report noted that the UAE’s business environment is the most attractive to global expertise and skills, as the country ranked fifth worldwide in the Gravity Index. The report also revealed progress in the UAE’s performance in 12 indicators of global talent ranking.


“The UAE’s progress in many of the indicators in the Global Talent Report is evidence of being a center for attracting talent and skills from around the world, and the ranking of the 26th in the world proves the efficiency of its development strategy,” said Professor Arturo Bress, Director of the Global Competitiveness Center at the Institute for Administrative Development. The UAE government to build a strong national economy, which contributes to enhancing the performance of the state at the regional and international levels, and increases its competitiveness ».

“This year’s report shows that the Government of the UAE has, over the past year, strengthened its interest in building and attracting skilled cadres with knowledge, skills and expertise, creating an environment that attracts them to work in all fields to contribute effectively to building a sustainable economy.


In addition to the ranking of the UAE in the fourth place in the world of readiness index, many indicators under this indicator have shown remarkable improvement and outstanding performance at the global level, has made the country one of the world’s most ready to meet the requirements of the labor market.

According to the report, the growth rate of the labor force improved by 15 points, the country ranked 18th in the world, and the availability of skilled labor index improved by two points, with the UAE becoming second globally, and the availability of managerial and leadership expertise, An improvement of one point from last year’s performance.


In terms of education, the report found that education in the UAE plays a key role in improving UAE performance in a number of indicators. It concluded that the index of the education system’s response to the competitiveness of the UAE economy and the need for the labor market improved at a point where the country ranked ninth globally .

As well as the language skills index available in the country, and how to meet the requirements of the needs of companies and institutions has improved by two points to replace the UAE ranked ninth in the world. The report found that facilitating the movement of foreign students and facilitating their entry into the country for education is one of the fundamentals of the country’s positive performance.

With regard to the Gravity Index, which ranked the UAE in the top five rankings in the world, the report pointed to an improvement in the UAE performance in the attract and retain talent index, with the UAE ranked 18th after being ranked 22nd in last year’s ranking. The income tax rate index, and its ratio of GDP, also improved from the seventh to the sixth rank globally.

The report pointed out that brain drain is not an obstacle to the competitiveness of the UAE economy, as the country is rich in talent and experience, and the performance of the country has improved in this index by a point where the UAE ranked fourth. In addition, the country’s standard of living is rated as the world’s highest, with the UAE ranked 14th in the world.


As for the R & D index, the Global Talent Rankings report shows that the total public spending on education has improved by a point of improvement in the country’s performance in this indicator by a point. The percentage of female labor force has improved over the past year, Points, to replace the UAE ranked 59th globally. At the global level.

Switzerland came in first place for the fifth consecutive year, followed by Denmark and Norway. The fourth place was for Austria and fifth for Holland


He said d. “The high performance results indicate that the UAE has been able and able to attract international talent and expertise by providing a very high and attractive living standards in a safe and secure environment, regionally and globally,” said Jose Caballero, Senior Economist, IDA.

At the same time, the UAE is one of the few countries in the world where workers are not subject to income tax, which also contributes to attracting labor from other countries. “This is a fundamental reflection and one of the positive impacts of the UAE Government’s strategy for talent development and attracting expertise.”


Said Dr. Jose Caballero: Experience, skills and education have been changing ever since, and the era we are witnessing today is witnessing the greatest momentum. In order for the UAE to continue to attract the workforce and enhance its skills to suit the needs of the labor market in the future, Sufficient to help them adapt their skills to suit the future requirements and competencies they need

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