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Expectations of the revival of trade between the United Arab Emirates and Britain after the «Breakst»


Simon Penny, the British trade commissioner in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, predicted a rebound in trade with the UAE following the imminent exit of Britain from the European Union (BRICCAST).

Where the government aims to increase its trade from 22.7 billion dollars last year to 32.5 billion in 2020.

He pointed out to the «economic statement», that the UAE leads the investment destinations in the Gulf region and the region to support the investment climate attractive and stimulating, and it is the main center for trade in the region, and enjoys a modern infrastructure, praising Dubai’s commercial status and capabilities and logistics capabilities, New in Asia and Africa.

Simon Penney pointed to the investment activity of British companies in the UAE, where 6000 British companies in the UAE make up 60% of the total British companies in the GCC countries, excluding any impact on his country’s trade with the Gulf countries after «Breakst». The British Trade Commissioner in the Middle East added that a flexible approach has been adopted with regional markets in trade restrictions and facilitating access to goods.

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