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Dubai Customs looks to the Advisory Council for the 2019 Plan


Ahmed Mahbub Musabah, Director of Dubai Customs, said that economic and trade indicators are encouraging for the upcoming year 2019. Despite the global challenges and trade disputes, oil prices are expected to rise, with the UAE economy forecasting growth of over 3%. With 118 million passengers in 11 months from 2018 and the UAE’s largest budget of about AED 60 billion. All these indicators are strongly supported by the hosting of the world’s most important event, Expo 2020, adding that Dubai Customs as a government service seeks to support the economic structure by providing advanced services Its innovations and smart facilitate procedures on traders and dealers and increase the return on their business, where Dubai’s foreign trade exceeded 965 billion dirhams in 9 months.

The Director of Dubai Customs, during his chairmanship of the last meeting of the Advisory Council in 2018, reviewed the features of the Department’s plan for the coming year, including maximizing the benefit of e-commerce among countries that are now a major part of world trade. Preceded by the regional and global.

The meeting, which was held at Dubai Customs Headquarters, was attended by Abdullah Mohammed Al Khaja, Managing Director of Customer Management, Farid Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of Human Resources, Finance and Administration, and Idris Behzad, Director of Customer Management. With the participation of the heads of the working and trade groups of the Council.


Mohammed Rashid bin Hashim, Senior Manager of Needs Management at the Dubai Customs Delivery Department, reviewed the Prejudice Initiative, which is in line with the requirements of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It aims to facilitate international trade and the application of the pre-rulings system in the Gulf States and to link with the Federal Customs Authority .

Customs Warehouses

Ahmed Mosleh, Head of the Restricted and Restricted Customs Department at Dubai Customs, presented the Customs Warehouses initiative, which is provided and licensed by Dubai Customs. This initiative enables importers to postpone the payment of customs duties until the goods are imported from warehouses with the possibility of importing goods for two years Without payment of customs duties, in addition to allowing the extension of storage of goods for an additional year.

Trademark protection

“The UAE is a leader in the protection of trademark rights,” said Malik Hanouf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UAE Trademark Council. “The Dubai Customs Advisory Council’s regular meeting provides the opportunity to present to the Board of Trademarks the advice and legal advice of all the companies operating in Dubai represented by the working groups. The meeting dealt with proposals and queries from the working and trade groups and was discussed and answered during the meeting by the directors of various departments in Dubai Customs.

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