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Dubai Customs executes 130 IP controls worth 35.5 million dirhams during the first half of 2018


Dubai Customs has supported its ability to protect intellectual property rights by enhancing cooperation and coordination with trademark owners in order to develop the procedures applied by the Department to combat counterfeit goods and to prevent their entry into the UAE through the customs ports of Dubai. The Board of Trademarks in April, the ways of cooperation between the parties to control and confiscate counterfeit goods, with the possibility of recycling in case the owner of the trademark, in order to ensure the destruction of those goods without harm to the environment, through recycling to use In the fields of green customs initiative launched by Dubai Customs in order to protect the environment.


These measures provide additional benefits for trademark owners by protecting their original goods from competing counterfeit goods. This supports the tendency of trademark owners to file complaints with Dubai Customs to control the counterfeit goods of their trademarks and enhance the increase in intellectual property seizures at Dubai Customs Customs Centers. Suspected of violating the Intellectual Property Rights Law, which Dubai Customs executed in the first half of 2018, had about 130 seizures, with an estimated value of 35.523 million dirhams. These seizures were distributed among the various types of counterfeit goods, Electronics, watches, glasses, auto parts, clothing, fabrics, household utensils, bags, shoes  

“We are keen to support innovation and innovation in the UAE, in line with the wise leadership’s directives to encourage innovators and innovators by protecting intellectual property rights for their ideas and innovations. We are working to strengthen the strategic partnership with all of them,” said Yousuf Ozeir Mubarak, Director of Intellectual Property Rights Protection at Dubai Customs. Parties concerned with the protection of intellectual property rights, particularly federal and local government agencies and private sector trademark owners, to increase the effectiveness of our counter-counterfeiting efforts to support creativity and innovation And to ensure the rights of investors to protect them from infringements resulting from the imitation and piracy of their goods, by following the latest international practices in detecting counterfeit goods and preventing them from entering the country through the customs ports of the Emirate of Dubai.

“Dubai Customs pays great attention to educating, training and training customs officers and inspectors in order to increase their capabilities in the detection and seizure of counterfeit goods. We also raise the awareness of the community about the dangers of counterfeiting and piracy and their health and economic damage. In the first half of the year, The event was attended by 40,373 participants, with the Dubai Customs Award continuing to be organized in Arab and foreign universities, colleges and schools, which aims to engage new generations in awareness campaigns on the importance of reward. Counterfeit goods “.

“We are working to develop cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the World Customs Organization (WCO), INTERPOL International and the competent authorities in all countries to coordinate Efforts to combat counterfeit goods

He pointed out that the Department of Intellectual Property Rights Protection is working to stimulate creativity and innovation in Dubai Customs through the registration of knowledge assets that have been developed and developed in the department, and has been submitted 27 applications to register these knowledge assets to the Ministry of Economy, including the virtual corridor and the vehicle detector and the vehicle customs clearance and inspection table Smart and smart submarine, mobile lab and intelligent control system.

Mohammed Abdullah bin Nasser, Director of Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution, said: “We hold ongoing meetings with representatives of trademark owners to ensure the highest levels of efficiency in preventing the entry of counterfeit goods to their brands through the customs ports of Dubai. The best level of performance in the follow-up and prosecution of counterfeit goods, where coordination with all local, regional and international bodies competent to follow up counterfeit goods and address the attempts to smuggle, in order to protect the community from damage and risks and enable the owners of trademarks Protect their goods from counterfeiting and piracy to promote investment stimulating creativity and innovation in the UAE environment

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