Chairman’s Message

Dubai is no doubt a city of wonders. While it has become a center for diversified businesses, the root of Dubai’s modernity can be traced back to its success of positioning itself as the global hub for the region. Facilitating movements of goods has been a gargantuan task which Dubai has managed so efficiently.

Over many years of serving in Dubai Customs, I saw the gap between the customs regime and the client’s knowledge and skills to abide by applicable rules and regulations. While there will be always shady traders who deserve hefty penalties for their wrong and malicious intent, the majority of customs clients are honest traders who, unfortunately, suffer for lack of knowledge and sheer ignorance. The latter are the clients who motivated us to establish Hisham Mirza Consultancy Services.

Since our establishment, we have gone on a very rewarding journey not only in terms of our bottom line.  We have a fast growing number of clients who have experienced improved customs transactions both financially and logistically through our services. We consider it our greatest achievement to receive testimonials from our clients on how we have made them confident about their customs process.

On the way to our vision of becoming the top-of-mind choice for customs consultancy in the UAE, we keep abreast with global developments and technological advancements so we can continually provide a higher level of service.

As we continue to improve our proactive approach to customs consultancy, we look forward to enduring relationships with our clientele and to gain new ones among those who have heard of the difference we can make.

More power to the UAE which hosts our business, to all our clients, and to everyone who aspire for faster, more efficient customs experience.


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